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Sshas'Kah aka "snekbae"

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1Sshas'Kah aka "snekbae" Empty Sshas'Kah aka "snekbae" on Sun Feb 26, 2017 11:26 pm

Name: Sshas'kah  (Or Hebi when fused with Xang)
Age: 20-something (current body), ??? (Probably a few centuries overall)
Nationality: Chinese

Physical Description: She's an otherwordly, stunning snakelady, with tattooed platinum scales all over her body, completely emulating the skin and belly of an actual snake, until you touch them and realize it is indeed normal, human skin. She has a very slender, short (about 1m50, 1m60 tops), but nimble body, perfectly hiding her weaker constitution, and she usually wears clothing that she borrows from Harmony, since she didn't need any clothes when she was a snake (and finds most clothing to be cumbersome anyway, after a couple centuries of nudity, clothing just doesn't feel all that natural).

RP Tips: She's much more hot-headed than Xang, you could say she's the Yin to his Yang. Sshas'kah will probably try to seduce you at some point, or at many points... She's completely harmless otherwise Wink

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