M:tA Chronicles (Jay)

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[Genève 19 Rue Saint-Léger] Status update - 17.01.2017 02.00 p.m.

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OOC: still gonna do stuff on the other one, xD so put this later on the afternoon or earlier in the day Wink (earlier would prolly be better cause it explains why i want a workshop xP)
OOC2: assuming i have Angela's contact

Emma sitting on her room reaches for her phone and proceeds to text Angela.

"Dear Angela, with my assistance the cabal Seekers of Moksha managed to retrieve Kvothe from where he was being held.
Though from my understanding the young boy was being kept young through some magical effect and that effect was removed.
So despite everyone's best efforts he passed away.
He was still able to let us know that the 10th sphere had been discovered by some of the member's of the cabal parents.
The cabal is now focused on finding said parents which are believed to be somewhere in the shadowlands.
Am i to stay with the cabal for this endeavor or am i to return to London?

Awaiting further instructions,

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Thank you Emma for the update.

Please continue with them, new directives will be provided if necessary.

I will look into this 10th sphere story and update you ASAP

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Receiving Angela's text Emma texts Jared:

"Howdy m8,
Angela has instruct me to stay here further, i'll be keeping in touch with you.

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Dear Emma,

good to hear from you, will also give you news if anything important happens around.

Do let me know if there is anything you need.

Everything is true. Anything is possible.

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