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Edward Smith aka H1dd3n

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1Edward Smith aka H1dd3n Empty Edward Smith aka H1dd3n on Mon Feb 20, 2017 11:16 pm

Hi, I'm Edward Smith, and this is my IT shop. I work here with myself and my avatar, H1dd3n. Everything in here has data and a price. One thing I’ve learned after 2X years – you never know WHAT is gonna come through that door.

Physical Description: Shaggy dresser. Loose clothes, leather jackets and second-hand clothes. Dresses appropriately for the weather, with T-shirts and jeans as the base almost all his outfits. Does own a suit, but rarely uses it.
In short, he looks like your average dude.
The major defining feature are the three "dogtags" he uses at all times (yes, even to shower. It's inox steel, so it's ok), and their engravings read (with one engraving per "dogtag"): "Always hidden", "Change the world" and "To stop is to die".

RP tips: He's a bit of a shut in, and, although shy, he still enjoys company. He finds that it's easier to hang out with other Magi than with sleepers. If you know sign language and are well-read, you're already on his cool book. If he had a voice, he'd probably stutter every now and then, but he doesn't, so you're gonna get GLaDOS (not an advocate for neurotoxins). Sometimes, he'll be very outspoken, and sometimes, he'll be very quiet. It depends on his social energy, really. If he's pumped for something, he's going all out.

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2Edward Smith aka H1dd3n Empty Re: Edward Smith aka H1dd3n on Wed Mar 01, 2017 1:22 am

Other stuff:

Screen name: H1dd3n/Hidden/|-|1|)|)3/V, and other variations.

IRL Name: Edward James Smith.

Nature / Demeanour: Architect / Loner.

Essence: Dynamic.

Tradition / Faction: Virtual Adepts / Reality Hackers.

Age / Apparent age: 23 / [18; 25]

DOB / POB: 9th Sept / Dublin, Ireland.

Awakening age: 20

Hair: Black and wavy.

Eyes L / R: Blue / Green.

Race: Human - Caucasian.

Height / Weight / Build: 1,80m / 85Kg / Average.

Sex: Yes please! Uh... Male, I mean Male.

Current XP: 30

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3Edward Smith aka H1dd3n Empty Re: Edward Smith aka H1dd3n on Fri Mar 17, 2017 2:39 pm


Short Version:

Tech and Science nerd. Bullied. Likes books. Bit of an introvert. Spent lots of time studying, reading and messing w/ computers, specially through code. Has a bachelor's in Computer Sciences, minoring in Physics. Awakened when he witnessed his mother taking her own life after taking his father's (due to a mental illness. She had stopped taking her medicine without her doctor's consent). Got found out by the Adepts online.

Long Version:

Edward always liked being alone. Due to this, he wasn't the most social of people, preferring the company of books (specially Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Scientific books) and computers over people.

This caused him to be a social outcast, being extensively bullied by most of his classmates.

Lacking a social life outside the Internet, classes and a few people at game, electronics and computer stores and clubs, Edward taught himself how to program, build computers and electronics. He also possessed a certain knack for sciences, especially physics. He managed to get a bechelor's in Computer Sciences, specializing in programming and minoring in Physics.

He Awakened when, at the age of 20, as he was visiting his parents, he found his father dead, and his mother about to take her life. All he knew was that he wanted to get there, stop her, and fast. In one moment, he was standing next to his father's corpse, and in the other he was across the room, which filled with static, grabbed her arm, turning her towards him. Still, he wasn't fast enough. "Sorry." was the last thing he heard her say before she pulled the trigger and blew her brains off.

His powers went somehow unchecked for a few months, and he even downright rejected the possibility of anything supernatural having happened that day, until he gained some attention when he developed a program as a side job to help pay his rent and new computer parts. Luckily for Edward, the client was a Virtual Adept, curious to see if, by their own words: "if the Sleepers can do anything good". Noticing the code in the program was something almost impossible for a Sleeper to do, specially in such a short time, they kept in contact with him though the Web, eventually introducing him to the Adepts.

With the Adepts, he identified more with the Reality Hackers, who got him started on the Matter Sphere.

He is slowly making his way up within the Adepts, as the name "Hidden" is known around those that need new code but either don't have the time or the expertise to do what they need quickly.

He is contacted and delivers his work exclusively online, and gets paid decently for it. The occasional raid on a Technocrat or illegal account with his fellow Adepts serves as his bonus.

Edward never needed much sleep, but now, a number of his nights are restless: Ever since he Awakened, he started getting nightmares: some about some dark fate that's reserved for him, and sometimes it's something completely unrelated, like falling from a tall building.

In any case, Edward has now accepted the magic within him, and wants to use his powers to better understand the Universe, and, maybe someday, change the world for the better.

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