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Xang Liu, the Blind Monk

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1Xang Liu, the Blind Monk Empty Xang Liu, the Blind Monk on Thu Feb 23, 2017 6:43 pm

First name: Liu  Family name: Xang
Age: about 25
Nationality: Chinese

Physical Description:
Very typical Eastern Chinese look, though he's slightly more handsome than your average Chinese guy: his bald head would grow very dark, straight hair if he didn't keep it shaven, like his monastery days. Hazel, peaceful eyes, devoid of light are his star feature, although they but mere adornments given his blindness, and complement his overall serene, slightly rounded but stern features. His attire is very simple, and he is usually seen either somewhat traditional but practical attire as well during the day, or his old kempo gi when training. An old black martial arts belt can be seen either over the sash he wears around his waist, or to tie together his gi. Xang used to wear another sash over his eyes, but has recently started wearing a pair of sunglasses instead, as he finds them "less conspicuous", even though he's anything but inconspicuous. On his back, a huge dragon is tattoed, a gift from the Irezumi in Japan.

RP Tips:

He LOVES fighting, and he might lose control if he feels you're a worthy opponent, so get ready to OPEN THE GATES! Otherwise he tends to stay very level-headed, though he can be stubborn to a fault if he is trying to complete a mission. He appreciates DETERMINATION and diligence, as well as a mind starving for information and guidance (even though he's not sharpest tool in the shed). Watch out for snake-bae (Sshas'kah), she can be a tad more... perilous than the super-sayan monk.

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2Xang Liu, the Blind Monk Empty Re: Xang Liu, the Blind Monk on Sun Feb 26, 2017 11:00 pm

He's right you know ;9

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