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[Genève 19 Rue Saint-Léger] Dinner at the new chantry - 17.01.2017 10.00 p.m.

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*Harmony observa toda a conversa entre Sshas'kah e Emma com uma expressão de contentamento, pensando em como toda esta situação era algo banal para todos os membros da Cabal, mas extremamente curiosa para qualquer pessoa de fora, mesmo este sendo um Mage. Sendo assim, ela deixa todo o diálogo se desenvolver sem interferir, quando Emma se aproxima responde:*

- Sim... nós todos formamos um grupo muito excêntrico... A começar por quem nos uniu, um lindo rapazinho ruivo e mudo com bem mais de 100 anos... Kvothe... Que esteja em um melhor lugar, e que a ilusão que é esta vida se desvaneça... *A voz de Harmony é quase murmurante quando ela se lembra de Kvothe e de todos os bons momentos que viveu na Jericho's Chantry. Após um longo suspirar continua:* Mas sim, Sshas'kah não é propriamente humana... todos nós nos surpreendemos quando isso aconteceu... refiro-me ao dia em que ela, que era uma cobra, ganho este corpo humanoide... Mas acredite em mim, ela ficou bem melhor assim *pisca um olho para Sshas'ka*

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So they knew... Good, it was not a concern then, Emma was eccentric herself who was she to judge.

"Sure he's sweetie, i saw how much you all cared for him in the end! And so did he, he went in peace with this world" Emma tried to sound comforting.

"We all have our end sooner or later, his took longer than most, still it was as inevitable as the sun setting every night"

"But hey on brighter subjects, Sshas'kah really enjoys the human body it seems." Emma sticks her tongue out looking in Sshas'kah' direction. "Sure seems eager to use it!"

Turning back to Harmony.

"It's a pity though I like being dined if I'm gonna get chatted up"

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Edward sat on the ground, staring at the oven as it did its thing, earbuds on and playing some rhythm game absent-mindedly on his tablet. He was replaying stages he had already aced, making sure his memory was still at 100%. It still served as a way to take his mind off of Kvothe's death. As hard to like the kid was, Edward still had a fondness for him, specially being the only one in the Cabal (that was still around) able to understand sign language.

He sighed. As quickly as he had made friends in the Cabal, he also lost them, either to the Reaper, either to them simply walking away.

Was it really better to stick together? Being alone would spare them the grief. The Mirrorshades would probably catch them all anyway. It wasn't a matter of "if", but "when". Still, together, they had done more good than they would've been able to if separated. And together, they would keep on doing that until their horrible, inevitable demise.

Yes. Sticking together, making friends... losing them... it was all for the best. They were Magi, and whatever they did would leave a mark on the Universe until it too inevitably died. Might as well stick together and make it a good one.

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