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"John Pennysworth"

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1"John Pennysworth" Empty "John Pennysworth" on Mon Apr 10, 2017 11:23 pm

Full Name: Johannes Fitzpatrick von Hohenzollern. (John Pennysworth)
Nationality: British
Age: 24
Personality: Depends on situation, throughout most of the day if the context is of a relaxing common day John acts relatively calmly and somewhat goofy/funny, since there is no reason to be serious, however, one must keep in mind that once it is required our great von Hohenzollern friend can become a very cold and logical human being, completely ignoring all unrequired and useless human emotion and social traditions in order to reach a final desired goal, which can be just about anything, from winning a debate to telling harmony to stop being a fucking hippie ((even though Johannes doesn't really mind it unless it directly disturbs his work or well being of himself or his pets)) or even figuring out how to properly eliminate another creature in the most efficient way conceivable.
Altough Johannes has never hurt another living being, he has in some occasions pondered in how to eliminate without evidence others who once dared be a threat to his existence.

You will find our money loving friend (( reason why he received the nickname Pennysworth from his friends)) usually dressed formally, white shirt with black vest, monocle, gold pocket watch, sometimes a tophat when the occasion allows it, and formal pants and shoes.


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