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Edwards House

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1Edwards House Empty Edwards House on Mon Feb 20, 2017 7:39 pm


(Reality, not VR)

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2Edwards House Empty Re: Edwards House on Mon Feb 20, 2017 8:03 pm

Edward's real world house is in a small, low rent apartment in Dublin. At first glance, it's somewhat disorganized, but a few minutes in it and with a keen eye, one finds a pattern in the madness. Everything has its place. Everything can be taken out and stored back in without knocking other stuff off. As for living amenities, there's only the necessary: A shower, toilet and sink for the bathroom, a dish sink, a small, electric stove, an equally small electric oven, a small fridge and a small washing machine for the kitchen. The bedroom is sparse, with a single, queen sized mattress with a single pillow, all covered in linens and blankets, and completely surrounded by computers and computer parts, both new and old, although most are inside boxes. In what passes for an entry hall and living room, there's a two seat couch, a chair and a (now empty) desk.

It all used to be surprisingly clean, with Edward making sure to go back at least once a month to clean up the place and pay rent. But now, with the Technocracy even more all over the web and hunting down any VAs they can find, Edward can't go back home, and the dust is starting to pile on...

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